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Lo and Behold, I am BUSY again~

This is a one shot........

Title: Bunny Day
Characters: England, France, Prussia and the whole World (Gakuan Hetalia style. So I use their human names.)
Author: zexy_sexy
Rating: Uh...France's risque flirts...
Summary: Arthur Kirkland receives the shock of his life when he enters for English Lectures class that morning. His students are wearing a sort of bunny costume that Hugh Hefner would use in playboy mansion. And now, they're making him wear one too. Will this mean he is a true gentleman if he agrees? My summary sucks. I'm sorry. But do enjoy. XD

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If there's any spelling mistake or grammar mistake, correct me and I shall rest well. Sankyuu~!

International pillow?

I sometimes have this argument with my best friend in school. Apparently she had arms that could make anyone who lie against it fall asleep. It was just so comfortable, so soft and arm-y. During recess, while she was talking to someone else or drawing, I would silently plopped my head against her arms and snore away........to a lifetime of bruises. Point is...it gave me a painful inspiration. Hohoh. And thus, I wrote this special piece for those like my friend. She's my international pillow.

Title: Be my international Pillow
Author: Me
Character: France, England, America 
Rating: ........XD
Summary: Arthur was sleepy. Beyond sleepy. And when he notices something...so unimaginably comfortable to lean against, he decided he shall. If only he was awake enough to remember who had been sitting beside him the whole time....

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Feb. 23rd, 2010

I took the 'which country you are?' test on facebook, and amazingly, it was right. I am france. Huhu. Well, it was proved right the way my friends (one is England and the other America) just seemed to go along with the way FRUSUK always spend together. Now, if only could write a threesome on that, hohoho...

If anyone got any link to such story, please link me! I would shower you with love and praises. And possibly a lot of French leer too.

Lithuania and the World

Title: How to score a girl?
Characters: Lithuania and the World
Rating: Even 5 year olds can read this.
Warnings: Beware, advises given by the countries may result the breakdown of your romance life.
Summary: Lithuania needed advice to get Belarus' attention. What do the countries have up their brains now? Short one shot. -fluff-


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Russia and The Seven Dwarfs Part 3

Kay, here goes...

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Russia and The Seven Dwarfs, Part 2

Sorry for the delay. Then again, you're the only one who actually reads this, alchemistofbing. I'm still a little happy. Haha. Anyway, it's not too late to enjoy.

Spelling error expected. Me thinks. Lalala~~so lazy~


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Russia and The Seven Dwarfs

I decided to do this when my friend, malayu, gave me this title as a theme. OMG! This feels so wrong in so many level.
Characters: Russia as Snow White, Poland as the Evil Witch, and the prince is...*drum beating*. The dwarfs are the remaining 7 characters of allies and axis. And the birds...oh god..just read...

No adult content, just plain crack.  

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. Lol, of course I don't. But I still love Russia.

My new epic...huhuCollapse )
I want more USxUK! Life is so empty when I realized I read everything USxUK in kink meme. More updates. Maybe I’ll write my own. Kyuu~ I suck at it. Making an epic about Russia and The Seven Dwarfs right now. Um…maybe…I could post an entry for it.


God, someone help me! Like...if I want to post this story I wrote, (hetalia btw), I'm so bad at it that I accidentally did not cut it. How to use live journal cut? By the way, anyone cosplaying in Malaysia's comic fiesta this year, ring me too. I mean, e-mail. Going as America, Alfred F. Jones. Me thinks. Like...can't wait, man! I'm so excited. Helping out a friend in a booth business there, ya know. Total awesome. Anyone knows where to get the coat America wears? Or at least how to make the fur.

My first try?

So like...this is my first in livejournal, Cut me some slack, ya know. Am huge fan of hetalia. If got any stories to share, preferably USxUK, I'm all over it.